Team Building Customer Testimonials



First impressions

  • Worried about making a fool of myself.
  • Thinking I will never in a million years be able to do this.

When given task observing

  • Outside looking in, everyone is in their own little bubble, thinking they are doing the right thing, not listening to important information.
  • Can see how quickly things go wrong.

T shirt making & band naming

  • All worked in a team well.
  • Discussed and agreed a strategy.

Making the music

  • Realisation I could not do 2 things at once
  • No matter how much we planned, when out of our comfort zone, things fell apart...

Learning a new tune

  • Thought it would be easier to pick a new tune up.
  • Needed a little push and someone to say you're doing it ok actually.


The day was incredibly beneficial to me.

  • I have learnt to have more confidence in my abilities.
  • Everyone has a voice and a part in the team.
  • Without the correct backbone it all falls apart.
  • Be prepared to improvise/ deviate from the plan.
  • Ask for help when I need it.
  • With the correct tools and training we can achieve "the impossible..."
  • I don't know it all, sometimes I need to be taught again.

This can all be translated back to my work place to improve my performance.

Richard Gilbert
Area Business Manager


Steve and his team recently undertook a team building exercise for our company Brightmatter as part of his Corporate Music Development Company. Wow what a time we had – Taking IT specialists out of their comfort zone and getting them playing all instruments as part of a Rock band. We had a great time but what Steve then helped us with was to consider the interactions between the team when being challenged with a task. His insights on profiling were expert in seeing the parallel between staff interplay at work with playing together in the band. I was very impressed with the whole process and of course the natural talents of the Brightmatter team. That relates of course to their IT skills as musically its clear they're all tone deaf!

Richard Watts
Managing Director

We all agreed it’s the best team building event we have ever done!

Heather Garett
HR Director
Sun UK


Dear Steve,

Thank you so much for your time today and for the immense passion and support to make the music sessions go so well - there is no doubt that the sessions went superbly well and were really well received - Well Done. Thanks too for not only running the sessions but also for your professional approach to being on time, well prepared and making our life here very easy indeed. Please pass on my sincere thanks too to Mark and Chris for their enthusiasm - A great team effort.

Project Leader- Global Record Retention


Dear Steve,

Thank you for running the "Rock 'n' Roll Band" event for the PEGASYS & COPEGUS Life Cycle Team, and especially for driving all the necessary equipment over to Switzerland from the UK! This team building event was a big success from my perspective. Everyone participated to the full, without exception. In fact, the one or two team members that I had been concerned about really got involved and surprised us all by showing hidden talents and really "coming out of their shells"! This really helped with increasing the bonds between team members who are not co-located and get together infrequently. Such a "fun" event still lent itself well to learnings applicable to the workplace - the supporting and coaching that was necessary, and the need to pull everyone back to the beginning when things went awry, are things we all agreed would improve the teams project work.

Best Regards,

Claire Steers
Pegasys Life Cycle Leader
Roche Basel, Switzerland




Thank you for your team's energy at the Music Workshops yesterday at Learning at Work Day. The feedback has been great (I've cut and pasted some comments below) and it very much contributed to the day being an overall success.

Training Consultant


I'd also like to thank you for arranging this session. If anything it's made me think about what to do with my career, I think I could make it and will be auditioning for next years eurovision.

I know everybody in my group enjoyed it and it would make an excellent team building exercise in future.

Thanks for organising this event, it was easily one of the most enjoyable sessions I have been on (been at Lilly nearly 6 years) and I went back to work with a real buzz and renewed energy. I think this format is a really effective method for team building and gives a useful bond to the participants.

I had a great time and got to know a few people, I look forward to the time something like this is organised.

Just like to say that I really enjoyed the Rock star sessions today - great bunch of people, very constructive in teambuilding, best of all fun. Would definitely do it again!