Roche Corporate Team Building Event

Corporate Music Development & TMS international were asked by Roche to deliver a team build event in Zurich Switzerland. The team consisted of leaders based in offices from Europe and the USA.

The leadership team had no idea what the afternoon was going to comprise of and only 1 of the 14 had played an instrument before.

Below is a sample of the afternoon's session with a video capturing the event. We think you'll agree what a fun afternoon.

Dear Steve

Thank you for running the "Rock 'n' Roll Band" event for the PEGASYS & COPEGUS Life Cycle Team, and especially for driving all the necessary equipment over to Switzerland from the UK! This team building event was a big success from my perspective. Everyone participated to the full, without exception. In fact, the one or two team members that I had been concerned about really got involved and surprised us all by showing hidden talents and really "coming out of their shells"! This really helped with increasing the bonds between team members who are not co-located and get together infrequently. Such a "fun" event still lent itself well to learnings applicable to the workplace - the supporting and coaching that was necessary, and the need to pull everyone back to the beginning when things went awry, are things we all agreed would improve the team's project work.

Best Regards

Claire Steers
Pegasys Life Cycle Leader
Roche Basel, Switzerland


"Made me think quite differently about myself and about others. I believe that I am now a far more effective manager than I was before.
Others around me have provided me with feedback that I have changed and become more effective."
Sales Director,
Database Solutions Oracle
Guitar Players
"We all agreed it was probably the best team event we had ever done"
Heather Garrett,
Senior HR Business Partner
Sun Microsystems
Guitar Players