Learning Music - The Benefits in the Workplace

Whatever your business, your most valuable asset is a truly focused, high performing workforce. Anything less, and you’ll not reach your targets. Your people may have the drive and determination to get you there but they are, despite their protestations, only human and as such are susceptible to today’s greatest threat to performance - stress in the workplace.

We at Corporate Music Development can help overcome this problem.

You are probably aware of various stress management programmes available, but what we have to offer is very different.

Allow your staff the opportunity to learn a musical instrument whilst in the workplace and see these five major improvements:

  1. Fewer days lost through employee sickness
  2. Reduced staff turnover
  3. Increased staff performance levels
  4. Boost to creativity at all levels
  5. Reduction in compensation and litigation costs

Singing lessons or music tuition in the workplace is fast becoming one of the most popular alternative therapies in the UK!

We spend the major part of our lives working and what happens to us in the workplace is vitally important to our health and well-being. More and more companies are now offering their staff the opportunity to take time out from their work schedule for personal development.

What is stress?

Pressure is essential to success and helps to keep us motivated. But excessive pressure can lead to stress which undermines performance, is costly to employers and causes illness. The Health & Safety Executive defines stress as “the adverse reaction people have to excessive pressure or other types of demand placed on them”.

13.5 million working days were lost to stress, depression and anxiety in 2009. Approximately 1 in 6 people in the UK feel “very” or “extremely” stressed by their work.

66% of medical consultations concern stress-related conditions and the cost to British business from sickness due to employee absenteeism is estimated at £28 billion per annum.