Learning Music in the Workplace

How it works

Initially to promote the interest we have live musicians come and perform in the staff restaurant over a lunch time periods as arranged to relax employees over a  lunch break.  The impact often stirs intrigue and the level of interest is gauged.

If enough interest is shown then this is followed by a play at work scheme where we place team members on site for up to a week to run small taster one-on-one sessions normally lasting 10 – 15 minutes as part of a well being program.

An automated booking diary is set up for each company with a secure log on where employees are invited to try an instrument in a designated training room.

Employees have the opportunity to try an instrument before committing themselves and evaluate their feelings, mood, enthusiasm and energy though a simple questionnaire that can be tailor made for the management to evaluate.

Following the music trials employees would then be invited to enroll once logistics and relevant security checks have been met.

Costs vary and some companies choose to subsidies as a staff benefit under the training budget.If your company participates in this program please login using the allocated password from your “well being co coordinator” or HR Department  to see pricing or contact us direct to discuss the program further.