Learning Music at Work

Substantial rewards for all

Our key service is to provide music tuition for employees in the workplace - often during office hours. After all, many of your staff will be working 8 to 10 hours a day, possibly more, and traveling up to 2 hours a day either side of work. They may be running children to and from their own activities in the evening.

So where would they find time to fit in their own lessons? We suggest replacing a normal work break once a week with tuition time. The tuition can be funded by the employee or subsidised by the employer, either way the benefits for all are substantial.

Remember, if you reward your staff they are more likely to reward you.

Our services are proving to be very successful with our clients.

Of course, being taught to sing or play music doesn’t in itself resolve external challenges in the workplace but it may affect the way workers react to them, leading to better decision-making and decreased susceptibility to physical tension and stress-induced illnesses.

These benefits are developed within the dynamics of playing with other employees in these group activities or sometimes within the musical relationship of teacher/pupil. Either way the result is that your employees develop a greater awareness of themselves in relation to others often leading to greater confidence in their own abilities and greater self-esteem. This brings value and creativity to the individual with a positive knock-on effect for colleagues and greater rewards for your business.

Companies offering music lessons in the workplace have reported:

  1. More stimulated and revitalized office personnel
  2. Improved productivity
  3. Willingness to accept extended working hours
  4. Improved general office and interpersonal dynamics
  5. A means of de-stressing before leaving the office
  6. Increased alertness throughout the workplace
  7. More creativity among their employees
  8. Less absenteeism/complaints of work-related stress
  9. Better communication, co-operation and team skills
  10. More attentive for longer periods
  11. Increased co-operation with fellow workers
  12. A workforce delighted with new music skills
  13. A welcome diversity/inclusion into the working day