Team building for schools

Through our unique Rock Band Programs we deliver solutions that energise your teachers and pupils alike to increase communication, motivation and creativity.

Our programs are being undertaken by schools:

  • to develop understanding between new and existing teaching staff
  • to improve cross-team communication
  • to share knowledge and foster relations between Governors and Senior Managers
  • to boost confidence and inspire underperforming pupils to work collaboratively
  • to create a powerful induction format to help teaching and non-teaching staff work effectively together

A great bridge builder A unique and engaging team building program was created for the staff and pupils of the Sixth Form at Bury Lawns School in Milton Keynes. Its purpose was to create a harmonious foundation for staff and pupils to enable them to start their sixth form journey as a partnership – a different environment from earlier years at school. John Moreland, Head of Bury Lawns’s clearly highlights its success:

"The battle of the bands format worked perfectly for us as the starter activity for our sixth form induction programme, it was a great bridge builder between students and staff and when one of the sixth formers declared that it had taught him the staff was human after all, we knew we had a success on our hands."

Head - John Moreland, Bury Lawns School Milton Keynes

Discovering strengths and new skills Through the "Rock Band Experience" program, Corporate Music Development delivered a Team Performance module to enhance and engage teachers’ management styles at St Joseph’s School in Aldershot.

Sixteen teachers took part in a special "Battle of the Bands" - special in that 90% of the participants had little or no prior experience in playing an instrument and had never been in a band before!

Within 22 minutes one band of eight had been formed and had learnt, rehearsed and performed "Knocking on Heaven’s Door." Twenty minutes later the second band were playing "Twist and Shout!"

Often teams that include strong skill sets and personalities can struggle to function as cohesive unit but the evaluation session allowed immediate peer to peer feedback and helped to open a healthy dialogue on the profiles of the teachers and assess improvements and achievements.

Deputy Head teacher Dave Masters said "It was great fun and a great change from the usual INSET training program. We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and discovered much more about each other’s strengths and styles."

Sean Wilkinson team leader for school partnerships praised the training and explained "The teachers were very apprehensive to begin with but soon warmed to the idea of performing together outside their comfort zone."


Through the simple process of teaching complete beginners to play an instrument and then perform together as a band, we have found that teams of teachers and pupils have emerged with better communication skills, a greater understanding of each other and improved motivation as a team. Just as important, they've had a great time. We recommend keeping the theme of the development activity known only to the organiser as experience has shown this provides the greatest developmental impact and increased energy within the team environment.

Our programs are extremely versatile and are suitable for small teams of eight up to teams of 100+. They can be adapted to suit Heads and the Senior Management Team with structured evaluation or larger groups of teachers and/or pupils focussing on collaboration and effective communication.

If you feel this is something you'd like to know more about, we'd be delighted to tailor a team building experience so that it meets the ethos and dynamics of your school and matches your objectives, be they to improve staff interaction, encourage creative thinking, enhance problem solving, improve collaborative communication or challenge the status quo.