Testimonials - Music Lessons

Below you will find quotes from employees that are already benefiting from having music lessons in the workplace.

John Anderdon - Solaris systems "Taking a step out of work and doing something completely different, relaxing makes me feel a lot better"

Adrea Holloway - finance operations manager "Originally a drummer to grade 7, I've always wanted to play the guitar. I find this a great opportunity to play at work as I can't find the time outside my work schedule to fit in lessons"

Heather Garrett - Hr Director Sun Uk "What great therapy for me during my working day to have some time to just chill out and learn a new skill"

Paul Edge Service account manager "I've always wanted to learn a musical instrument and found it difficult to fit in private music lessons around my busy work commitments and changing schedules. I find it a great stress relief"

Nick street -Solaris sustaining engineering "I already play guitar in a rock and roll band and always thought I should contribute to vocals. Voice coaching at work gets your mind off of work; de stresses you and gets ready for a more productive afternoons work"

Nick Sylvester - Support group sun micro systems "Playing guitar at work is the ideal opportunity for me as I don't have the time at home . The benefits are it takes your mind off the stresses of work and gives you a rest bite from the pressures"

Cheryl Daubney SSA Global Training Leader "I've always wanted to play the guitar since I was young and I find it a nice way of spending some time doing something creative, so when you go back to the office you feel refreshed to carry on your day having done something interesting and something that makes me feel good"