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Everything to play for “goes down like a storm”

Our play at work music initiative at Guillemont Park is going down a storm with everyone who has signed up for tuition provided by specialist Corporate Music Development. Already a number of novice musicians are preparing to sit exams in their chosen instruments. Support engineer Scott Macdonald who has never previously played a note is now preparing for Grade 1 in classical guitar. He says “Learning at work means I can make the commitment. It’s a very relaxing instrument to play." Dr Michael Bang, UK Managed Operations finds learning the keyboard a good way to “recharge my batteries “. He says “its just beginners stuff at the moment but I’m really enjoying it”

Sun micro systems has joined up with Corporate Music Development, a company that specializes in using music to motivate people to provide employees with a brilliant deal if they want to learn a music instrument. And it all takes place on site at our UK head office at Guillemont Park.

Singer Alex Balson
“it’s a fantastic idea. I want to be confident enough to audition for principle parts in theatre productions”

Guitarist Steven Gurr
“I think it’s a great idea. It’s something new and interesting to learn that doesn’t involve a computer”

Drummer Steph Beckingham
“I’ve never been able to find the time to have private lessons so taking them in my lunch hour is great- and playing is a great stress relief”