Learn to Play Keys

Keyboard instruments have been popular for hundreds of years and remain to be so today. The diversity of piano and complexity of the modern keyboard makes this a truly important instrument for modern music.

A fun, portable and versatile way to learn music

Keyboards are in fact a whole band in one box. You can control the style of music and the sounds it produces. Many modern keyboards come with realistic sounds and various accompaniments. Keyboards and pianos are the simplest instruments in which to learn theory. The keys are laid out in a logical way; low notes on the left hand side and high notes on the right hand side. A useful keyboard feature is that you have access to MIDI which allows the keyboard to communicate with computer software and other equipment. Since it’s inception in the 80s it has proved an essential part of arranging and recording music with computers.

Skills and styles

We have created a course to incorporate the various skills as a keyboard player. This includes the ability to play and read music with both hands in the conventional way. You will develop a strong coordination and independence between the hands. Our courses also explore popular harmony and chord structures similar to what a rhythm guitarist would read to play. As a keys player you will learn a variety of styles and techniques essential for today’s keyboard musician. For this reason we have entitled the course ‘keys’ to reflect the incorporation of conventional piano tuition with musicianship knowledge and technological understanding of modern keyboards.

The great thing about choosing to play keys is that you will discover a lot of inspirational material and styles to learn.

Play in a band or write your own music

Once you’ve gained the confidence to read and play keys, you’ll quickly discover your enjoyment of playing in bands and other music groups. Let alone your ability to play solo or even explore song writing using technology. In addition to all this you’ll find a whole new way to express your creativity.


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