Learn to Play Guitar

Six strings, lots of passion, emotion and fun. The modern band would not be the same without the sight of someone holding the six stringed weapon even though the guitar has actually been around for longer than a lot of people realise.

A fun, portable and versatile instrument to play and to learn music with

Imagine what fun there is to be had when strumming the guitar to your favourite band or artist, or even digging out the music to a tune that you would like to play. Maybe just sitting at home singing and playing for your own pleasure or with a group of friends, this instrument pretty much does every thing. So ditch the air guitars and reach for the real thing.

Skills and styles

We have created a course to incorporate and build upon the technical development needed by guitarists to play music in various styles. This involves music reading, music harmony, theory and other various elements needed for playing the guitar. And for those who say they have ‘chubby fingers’ or that their fingers ‘do not work’, we have included fun exercises for fingers for dexterity, stretching and strength.

The brilliant thing about the guitar is that it is such a versatile and dynamic instrument to play, many styles have challenged the guitar player and in one way or another we make our mark.

Play in a band or write your own music

Once you have gained the confidence to read music and play the guitar, you will quickly discover your enjoyment for playing in bands and other music groups. This coupled with the ability to play solo as well means there is no end to the creative output you can finally express and develop.


Guitar Players

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Guitar Players

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Guitar Players


Guitar Players