Learn to Play Drums

Two sticks and a drum kit. Lots of energy, passion and fun. The drum is the oldest known instrument and the driving force of the modern band. The drummer keeps the time and sets the pace.

A fun and versatile instrument to play and learn

Imagine the fun there is to be had when tapping the beat or rhythm to any music you might hear, be it a TV commercial, something on the radio or your favourite band.

Skills and styles

We have created a course to incorporate and build upon the technical development needed by the drummer to play music in various styles. This involves music reading, rhythm patter, theory and other various elements needed for playing the drums.

We have included key exercise for co-ordination, dexterity and strength.

The brilliant thing about drumming, it is something you can do anywhere and you don’t even need a drum kit to practise on.

Play in a band or write your own music

Once you’ve gained the confidence to read music and play the drums, you will quickly discover your enjoyment for playing in bands or other music groups. This coupled with the ability to play solo as well means there is no end to the creative output you can finally express and develop.

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